ANAMIX Polkadot network validator

Anamix is a team that has been passionate about the crypto world since the end of 2015 with experiences in the POW mining of ethereum. Since 2016 as members of the dpos community he has been delegated in the main projects (LISK, ARK, SHIFT). We are following and participating in Polkadot blockchain networks such as Chainx, Kusama, Polkadot because we believe in the potential of this new open-source protocol. Special thanks to VoidBit for his support .


Chain Version Address Links
Kusama Mainnet F7Wa1su7NRSr6LWuhPWdXcQALDyzm8Vmev7WtV5jVPtJELs
Polkadot Mainnet 15kkg1mK1tCGgqqo3c1CghtKCQsBEAPPjYNNmmRT3r29FeRX
Chainx Mainnet 5QgYGmGp2K4BihhdznNaXEsM6bmbn8NnCGuBTDbxpnxAWKCx

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